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Kurioses Kuriose Geschichten, urban legends...

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Alt 18.12.2003, 15:32   #1
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Pfeil Lebende Echsen im Magen als todesursache?

Aus para-normal.com. Die Geschichte wird heute als Urban Legend (in USA, deshalb nur in englisch ) eingestuft. Also rein biologisch ist es auch garnicht möglich, es beginnt schonmal damit das eine Echse Luft zum Atmen braucht. Ist aber trotzdem eine interessante Geschichte. An was manche Leute so alles glauben. :P

Gamma Block: Mystery of Lizard Lady of Akron
lolik4 on Monday, December 08 @ 16:06:06 EST

The strange case of Lovie Herman puzzled doctors for more than a decade. Many physicians examined the Akron native during her short, troubled life, but each diagnosis seemed to conflict with the previous one, and the treatments did little to comfort her. The 20-year-old woman weighed less than 90 pounds even though she stood 5 feet 6 and had a hearty appetite. She suffered stomach pains, hemorrhages and occasional blackouts, and had great difficulty breathing. Her skin grew splotchy and her lips turned purple. At one time or another, health experts suggested that the mystery illness might be tuberculosis or typhoid fever or heart trouble or a respiratory problem.

Or maybe it was somethingelse entirely. When Herman lost her struggle shortly after midnight on Dec. 9, 1910, the reported cause of death jolted the medical community and sent a shock wave through Northeast Ohio. It was the stuff of nightmares.

Dr. Alex J. McIntosh, Herman's attending physician, certified that his patient had succumbed ``due to stomach trouble caused by lizards in the stomach poisoning the entire system.'' Newspaper reporters snapped to attention. Did he say lizards?

``There is absolutely no question about the lizards being found in the girl's stomach, for I have the two largest ones preserved in a bottle in my office,'' McIntosh said.

He also reported finding a batch of eggs in a tiny ball. The green reptiles had been in her system a long time, he said. Herman's family told him that she had taken a dip in a ``cool, refreshing spring'' near Millersburg a dozen years earlier, and it must have been there that the girl accidentally swallowed tiny lizards or possibly their eggs, he said.

A few days before Herman's death, McIntosh said he had given the woman a strong dose of medicine under the assumption that she was suffering from a tapeworm. That's when, he said, she could feel the reptiles ``crawl up her throat.''

``They are each 3 ½ inches in length,'' he said. ``One lizard is as well formed as any I have ever seen. I also extracted several smaller lizards from Miss Herman's stomach, but I have kept only the two largest ones. The head, mouth and tail on both are to be plainly seen.''

The weird tale sent the local media into a feeding frenzy. Bold headlines screamed out from the front pages. ``Two Lizards In Stomach Cause Death,'' the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

``Live Lizards, For 13 Years In Girl's Stomach, Slowly Poison To Death,'' the Akron Press countered.

Lova J. Herman, known as ``Lovie'' to her family, had been sick since she was a child. She was treated at a Chicago sanitarium for suspected tuberculosis, but she wasn't cured. She then moved to Cleveland with her mother, Ellen, to be treated at Lakeside Hospital for suspected heart troubles.

McIntosh, a Cleveland physician, deduced that Herman was suffering from a parasite because of her abnormal appetite. After making the shocking discovery of the lizards, he said, he withheld food from his patient for a few days in an attempt to starve any remaining reptiles.

Then he gave her another dose of medicine. ``... Miss Herman was thought to be improving, but at midnight Thursday she died in her mother's arms just after remarking that she thought she was going to recover,'' the Akron Press reported.

Her body was transported to Akron for a funeral service at her brother Harvey Herman's home at 896 St. Clair St. Seventeen doctors attended a postmortem exam at the house, including McIntosh, Summit County Coroner Harry S. Davidson, Dr. Clinton J. Hays of Akron, Dr. Edgar S. Menough of Cleveland and Dr. William S. Chase of Akron.

``The postmortem proved the previous diagnosis correct,'' McIntosh announced. ``The lizards had eaten almost through the walls of the stomach and a few small ones as thick as a broom straw remained.'' But he was quite alone in that professional assessment.

Other doctors harrumphed loudly at his assertions. Davidson, who had grown up on a Jefferson County farm, had been skeptical from the start.

``We found nothing in the stomach,'' he said. ``The organ was in a congested condition, and the girl's heart was twice its normal size. The condition of her heart, I believe, was the cause of death.'' An air-breathing reptile would suffocate in the stomach and couldn't escape the gastric acids, Davidson told reporters.

``Dr. McIntosh at the postmortem failed to enlighten 16 other physicians present, except when we questioned him closely,'' he said. ``The only thing I could see was that the stomach was inflamed and congested. That could be caused by the action of the heart.''

Cuyahoga County Coroner Max A. Boesger agreed that lizards couldn't survive in a stomach for any length of time. ``Tapeworms live inside the human body because that is their natural habitat,'' he said. ``Lizards do not like being there.'' Cleveland Health Officer Clyde E. Ford flatly refused the death certificate that McIntosh had written.

``I will not accept such a certificate because I do not believe that her death was caused by poisoning produced by lizards in the stomach,'' Ford said. ``It is too absurd to discuss. It is simply impossible.'' Eli and Ellen Herman trusted their daughter's doctor, though, and voiced support for him.

``Dr. McIntosh was too interested in Lovie's recovery and showed too much kind attention during her illness to invent any mythical story,'' Ellen Herman said. ``We believe Dr. McIntosh in spite of Dr. Ford, Coroner Davidson or anyone else.'' The family may have been on the doctor's side, but medical science was not.

Confronted with allegations that his claims were false, McIntosh held a closed-door meeting at Ford's Cleveland office on Dec. 13, 1910, and completely retracted his lizard story. The Beacon Journal buried the headline ``Lizard Story Fake'' deep inside the paper.

Today, the lizard story is regarded as an urban legend, along with similar folk tales about snakes, frogs and other frightful creatures invading the human body and wreaking havoc.

Lovie Herman's 1910 death certificate can be found on file at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus.

Written By Mark J. Price

Lizard lady of Akron stumped doctors
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Alt 28.06.2004, 11:45   #2
Desert Rose
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Hier ein "ähnlicher" Fall.

Last Updated: Sunday, 27 June, 2004, 15:13 GMT 16:13 UK

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

An Iranian newspaper has reported the controversial story of a woman who claims to have given birth to a frog.
The Iranian daily Etemaad says the creature is believed to have grown from larva to an adult frog inside her body.

While it is unclear how this could have happened, the paper carries quotes from medical experts who say there are human characteristics to the animal.

It has been speculated that the woman, who has not been named, unknowingly picked up the larva while she was swimming in a dirty pool.

The woman, from the south-eastern city of Iranshahr, is a mother of two children.

The "so-called frog", as the newspaper puts it, has yet to undergo precise genetic and anatomic tests.

But it quotes clinical biology expert Dr Aminifard as saying: "The similarities are in appearance, the shape of the fingers and the size and shape of the tongue."

Medical history recounts stories of people who believed they had frogs - or even lizards or snakes - living and growing in their bodies.

One of the most famous was the 17th Century case of Catharina Geisslerin, known as "the toad-vomiting woman" of Germany.

When she died in 1662 doctors are said to have performed an autopsy, but found no evidence animals had ever lived inside her body.

Aber mal im ernst, wie soll den sowas eigentlich gehen?
Aberglaube? Schlechter Scherz?
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Alt 28.06.2004, 12:51   #3
Lebendes Foren-Inventar
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Kurios alle mal - aber zumindest was Deutschland angeht sind derartige Vorfälle keine Urban Legends:

Catharina Geisslerin war im 17. Jahrhundert weithin als Frösche-spuckende Deutsche bekannt. Sie wurde zwischen 1642 bis zur ihrem Tod 1662 von mehreren Ärzten untersucht, z.B. auch von Thomas Bartholin, dem Entdecker des Lymphsystems des Menschens. Er untersuchte auch die Frösche die aus ihrem Körper gekommen sein sollen und entdeckte, dass in ihrem Bauch mitunter hunderte Fliegen saßen. Dennoch fand keiner eine Lösung für das Phänomen zumal wohl die Frösche gerade dann ausgespieen wurden wenn kein Arzt anwesend war. Angesichts ihres Leidens fand es ein Dr. Rheinesius Ende 1661 kurz vor ihrem Tod erstaunlich wie fit sie körperlich sei. Nach ihrem Tod wurde ihr Körper obduziert - man fand keinerlei Anzeichen für irgendwelche Amphibien.

Das ist nicht der einzige Fall: im 6. Jahrhundert soll im Bereich des heutigen Deutschlands einer jungen Frau eine Schlange aus dem Bauch geholt worden sein. 1561 wird in einem Buch über Monster von einem Ambroise Paré berichtet, dass in Paris eine Frau mit einer Schlange im Bauch lebt deren Bewegungen man spüren könne. Kurz nachdem sie unter dem Druck von Medizinern zugab, dass sie alles erlogen habe wurde sie auf einer Brücke gesehen wie sie weiterhin fremden Männern anbot mal die Schlange in ihrem Bauch zu fühlen ...

1694 überlebte der Sohn eines Pastors heftige Krämpfe, spuckte danach jedoch plötzlich 21 Molche und 4 Frösche aus. Die Kleriker stellten daraufhin Besessenheit vom Teufel - vor allem wohl weil plötzlich sobald der Junge an einen Nahen Teich mit Fröschen ging Frösche in seinem Bauch ebenfalls quakten. Während genaueren Untersuchungen durch Mediziner speihte der Junge immer seltsamere Dinge: Eierschalen, Messerklingen, Nägel und Stifte. Nach einer kräftezehrende Teufelsaustreibung hörten die Phänomene auf.

1732 wurde in Lapland von einer Frau berichtet, die in ihrem Bauch Frösche hatte welche man auch hören konnte. Nach einer Behandlung mit flüssigem Teer (?) sollen die Frösche gestorben sein.

Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts war es unter den bekanntesten und besten Medizinern (z.B. Linnaeus, Buffon und Blumenbach) eine anerkannte Tatsache, dass Amphibien im Menschen leben konnten.

Henriette Pfennig gab 1832 an, dass sie ebenfalls von Fröschen "bewohnt" wurde. Auch speihte sie im Beisein von Medizinern kleine Frösche aus. Später gab sie jedoch zu, dass dies alles nur ein Betrug gewesen sei.

Der russische Mediziner Martin Wilhelm soll von einem Patient besucht worden sein, der Angab, dass beim schlafen im freien ihm eine Schlange durch den Mund "betreten" habe. Der Arzt fühlte tatsächlich etwas besonderes im Bauch und verschrieb Abführmittel. Nach 5 Tagen wurde der Patient nach Hause geschickt kam aber 2 Tage später mit einer 12cm langen Natter wieder.

Professor Arnold Adolph Berthold von der Uni Göttingen berichtet 1859, dass nahezu jedes Museum in Deutschland Frösche oder Schlangen aufbewahrte, die in einem Menschen gelebt haben sollen. Dies veranlasste ihn zu einem Experiment: kein Frosch und keine Schlange konnte in 29 Grad warmen Wasser überleben - womit die Unmöglichkeit dieser Vorgänge belegt sein sollte.


Ich weiss nicht so recht *g*
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Alt 30.06.2004, 12:16   #4
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Manchen scheint ein Frosch im Hals und Schmetterlinge im Bauch nicht genug zu sein!
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